About  us

We are a group of business consultants and finance people that wanted to help businesses.  We realized that digital marketing is one of the key components to achieve success in today’s business environment.  So, we created Primal Dragon and grouped together some of the best minds we could come up with to achieve a well round digital marketing agency.  The rest is history!

We’re really good at

Client acquisition

New clients come from many places.  Organic traffic is a key component and our flagship strengths.  

Growth Strategy

If you want great customers AND grow your business, you must have a strategy in place.  This is what we do well.  

digital marketing 

What a big broad term!  Digital marketing includes website design, user experience, search results and all things digital.   

Awards and distinctions

  • 2016 Who’s who in Digital Marketing 
  • 2017  Distinguished Business Award Fast Company
  • 2017  Digital Marketing Agency To Follow