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We are an Internet Marketing and Design Agency in Miami that helps  businesses explode Through design visually & through search engines + through clicks and conversions + branding.

An analytical built design process

Primal Dragon implements conversion paths, search factors, messaging, and performance data to make better design decisions.

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Web Design in Miami Requires Precision 

Our Process is important


At Primal Dragon, our discovery process creates a powerful foundation. Our team takes the time to fully understand your business, building upon the strengths of your past and present to help bring future growth and success to your enterprise. Research into your specific market segment allows us to hone your online presence to appeal to the right audience. Every element is designed to create a positive response in the clients or customers, and conversions, conversions, conversions.

User Research

Reaching the right audience means knowing who they are, where they go, and how they behave and respond to online triggers. Rather than using a shotgun approach, we go laser precise. Our user research reveals critical facts that are the foundation of successful design, development and marketing.


Your target audience has specific likes, dislikes, expectations, habits, and behaviors. We don’t play a guessing game – we go deep with interviews to discover how your users feel about your specific enterprise, how you compare to the competition, and why. We don’t operate by making assumptions – we get real world facts. Once we have the data, we integrate it into our design and development process so your digital product can meet and beat your audience’s expectations.

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